Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

On drugs: “I don’t touch cocaine any more. I don’t smoke. Well, maybe a single cigarette — with whiskey — while I’m working, because it just frees my mind a little bit. But I care about my voice. The thrill of my voice being healthy on stage is really special. I take care of myself.”

On walking red carpets: “To be honest with you, I don’t give a sh*t about red carpets, and I never do them. I don’t like them. First of all — how could any of these outfits possibly look good with an ugly red carpet under them?”

On her health and family: “My schedule is such that I don’t get very much time to eat. … I have heart palpitations. … But it’s OK. It’s just from fatigue and other things. … I’m very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus. It’s a very personal thing. I don’t want my fans to be worried about me. … In Tokyo. I was having trouble breathing. I had a little oxygen, then I went on stage. I was OK. But like I say, I don’t want anyone to worry.”

On money and fame: “You see, I don’t really spend money and I don’t really like fame. I spend my money on my shows — but I don’t like buying things. I don’t buy diamonds, because I don’t know where they came from. I’ll spend it on fashion. … But you know what I spend most of my money on? Disappearing. I hate the paparazzi. Because the truth is — no matter what people tell you — you can control it. If you put as much money into your security as you put into your cars or your diamonds or your jewelry, you can just… disappear. People who say they can’t get away are lying.”


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